Food Forest Trail Ride

Pedal Up to Clean Up community trail ride with Ecocycling 


The Ecocycling “FOOD FOREST TRAIL” and Adopt-a-Spot is an enjoyable and educational part of  Life.

Our LEAP Mentor Project (Leadership & Environmental Ambassador Program) that gives local community members the opportunity to contribute to a healthier, cleaner and greener environment. It engages volunteers (individuals, community groups, business groups) to join in the effort to  cleanup our green spaces. Our “Spots” are all over the globe and include places like The Granby Street Park (  36.890096,-76.278504 )Lamberts Point Micro Farm & Elizabeth River Trail to Miyota Japan and Port-au Prince Haiti.

Getting to our “Starting Spot” is easy as its centrally located in Norfolk, Virginia nestled within Park Place,  just south of the Colonial Place and Riverview Community. On site parking is located on 34th street but we ask that you “GO by BIKE” which is truly leading by example.

While on our way to our Monthly Cleanups (Third Saturday Monthly) from 8am-11am many of  our volunteers also participate in  Keep America Beautiful’s Pedal Up to Clean Up activity on the way.


More questions or want to RSVP… email us above or contact us for more details


Tour Detour...Trail under Construction
Please click detour sign for updated /ˈrändəˌvo͞o/ point

Be sure to ware proper attire to ride and/or cleanup; sturdy boots, pants, hats and bring bug spray, sunscreen or other supplies that you may need.