2017 Norfolk Garden Tour

 April 27th 2017 10am -5pm

Bike the Gardens

Enjoy a steady bicycle ride through historic Norfolk neighborhoods while enjoying the beauty of gardens along the eclectic roadways and trails along the Hague river in Ghent. Located a few minutes from the bustling downtown central business district, the neighborhood and the adjacent Ghent business district feature stately early 17-20th century homes, nearby Colley Ave Shops, restaurants, The Botetourt Gardens, and other locally-owned small businesses. Homes are within an easy walking or biking distance of each other, from the recently completed Elizabeth River Trail that runs near the neighborhood. We will also explore the Victorian and kit homes of Colonial Place with the optional extended tour that will take you across the Lafayette River and into neighborhoods like Talbot Park, Wards Corner and Lockhaven.


Host: VA Garden WeekGarden Club of Norfolk

 Map: tinyurl.com/norfolkgardentour

(Includes full access tickets, guided bicycle tour & Communi-tea Celebration)